Workshop Attendees Recieve A Discount On All Media Online's 6 Month Marketing Intervention.

We will dig into:

1. Your marketing plan - (And if you don't have one... or your current model is damaged or wounded... we'll help you lay out the most killer path possible to conquering your market.)

2. Your product - including how you've built value into it, how your offer resonates with prospects, how you've priced it.

3. Your ads and websites - In fact just for this Association, I've purposely assembled a killer team of marketing wizards ... all of whom have deep expertise and battle-tested knowledge of how to make money in any kind of economic situation. My team of copywriters because your advertising is often the biggest problem you have... easily fixed when you've got a bunch of veteran, elite writers performing emergency "facelift" copy surgery on your stuff... right there in your Hot Seat.

4. And all the new, and all the classic ways you can (and should) boost profits - Including upsells and downsells, back-end products, affiliate sales, continuity programs, "guru-style" coaching, PR that sells, social networking, Web 2.0, and everything else you're currently ignoring or screwing up.

5. You also get a monthly group coaching call with Dave and me, with just you and the other attendees. For up to one hour, we will share progress and keep things on track. These calls will be recorded and made available to you. One call, each month, for the 6 months following your workshop.

Fill out the form below within the next 72 hours...Because we're going to focus specifically on each attendee's business in a mega-focused marketing intervention...

We'll go over every critical aspect of your marketing model. Including "watching your back" for the next 6 months as you put your new Action Plan into action.

Last point (about 72 hours and it's critical): Because of the intense PERSONAL ATTENTION you get...

We can only accommodate a handful of attendees. With our current roster of clients, there simply aren't enough hours in the day to do more than a handful of attendees.

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